The Syndicate Series 3

by Alex Veitch • May 29, 2015

The new series of Kay Mellor’s The Syndicate starts on 2 June 2015, on BBC1. Shooting as second unit DoP and B camera operator throughout the series, Alex was delighted to have contributed to such a popular and well regarded production.

Extremis Wraps

by Alex Veitch • May 1, 2015

Principle photography has now finished for Extremis, Alex’s latest feature. The film stars David O’Hara (The Departed), Lisa Gorman (Home and Away) and Isabelle Allen (Les Misérables). Produced by GSP, release is expected in 2016.

Schism wraps

by Alex Veitch • July 15, 2014

Principle photography has now wrapped on Alex’s third feature, Schism. The film marked his second collaboration with director Steve Stone, and stars Branko Tomovic (24, Bourne Ultimatum) and Francesca Fowler (Dr Who).

Festival win for “Untitled, 2013”

by Alex Veitch • June 22, 2014

Untitled, 2013, for which Alex was the London DoP, has been awarded the El Rey Award for Excellence in Experimental Filmaking at the Barcelona International Film Festival 2014.


by Alex Veitch • June 16, 2014

Alex is currently in prep for his next feature, Schism with writer-director Steve Stone, with whom he collaborated on the critically acclaimed Entity. Shooting of this dark psychological thriller will commence in early July.

Blackpool College Behind The Scenes

by Alex Veitch • November 26, 2013

Here’s a behind the scenes video of a recent commercial for Blackpool College. The aerial footage was undertaken by IronBird UK.


by Alex Veitch • November 26, 2013

TyPhoo Tea are currently airing the Ooh campaign, shot earlier in the year. A great chance to see Ben and Marina Fogle in action. All shot on the Sony F3 (external recorder) with Sony cine primes, for Bradley TV.

The Dark Beneath The Surface

by Alex Veitch • October 3, 2013

Pre-production is well underway for the new psychological series for the Web, The Dark Beneath The Surface. Its a great project, with the pilot to be shot at the end of October. More developments soon!

Another Nomination for Entity

by Alex Veitch • October 3, 2013

Congratulations to the fabulous team behind Entity. The film will be playing at the meaning that it will be screening at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square. Not only that, but its been nominated for Best Actor (Branko Tomovic), Best Actress (Charlotte Riley), Best Cinematography (Aham), The British Horror Award, Best Feature Film, and Best Director […]

Do Androids Dream of Electronic Cigarettes

by Alex Veitch • June 26, 2013

Filmed as a homage to Blade Runner, Do Androids Dream of Electronic Cigarettes is an online advert for Smoko electronic cigarettes. The film was well received at today’s launch event, and is available to view via the Smoko web page.